Freedom Baptist Church
Thursday, June 20, 2024
Passionate People with a Purpose



On September 25, 1847, Mr. Colbert Hayes deeded land located in the Freedom community to the Baptist people for the sum of $1.00 for the purpose of establishing a church.  In 1849, a church was organized, now known as the Freedom Baptist Church.  Later, more land was given to the church people by Mr. and Mrs. Slacker and in 1891 a new building was constructed.  At this time the people met once or twice a month for worship.  In the late 1940s the people began to meet weekly and organized an evening worship service.
In 1946, Baptist Training Union was organized and is still a part of our ministry (now known as Discipleship Training).  In 1951, the church added Sunday School rooms with a basement to the existing building.  In 1955, the first full-time pastor was called.  The ceiling was tiled (the same tile we have at the present time).  In 1958, the old Freedom School building was remodeled and turned into a parsonage for the pastor and his family.  In 1960, the organ was donated by Mr. Lawrence Bradford in memory of his wife, who was a member of Freedom.  Also, the church furniture was purchased.  In 1967, the church was bricked, the parking lot blacktopped, and a piano was purchased.  In 1969, carpet was installed in the sanctuary and the steeple was purchased.  In 1971, the parsonage was bricked and a garage built on.  In 1982, a pastor's study, baptistry, kitchen, and restrooms were added to the present building.  In 1986, the church purchased, at auction, the land (approximately 3 acres) between the church and parsonage for church activities.  In 1991, a two-car garage was built at the parsonage.  In 1997, new Baptist Hymnals were purchased by family and friends in memory of Bro. James Payne, who had been a Deacon for over 55 years.  In 1999, we celebrated our 150th anniversary as a church.  Several former pastors, former members, friends came to help us celebrate this great achievement.  In 2000, the parsonage was remodeled.  In 2006, a shelter was constructed for different activities of the church.
Listed below are some of our former pastors: George Childress, L.D. Gooch, C.C. Metcalf, David Burris, Clyde Gooch, Ray Mass, Eugene Bradley, George Fletcher, William Hickman, Norwood Waterhouse, Tinsley Ball Jr., Fountain Jones, J.A. Rich, Owen Edwards, Ray Carter, Hayward Yeary, Jeffery Wheeldon, Mike Bryant, Billy Estes, Dan Flannery, Mike Mullins, Noel Dodson, Jimmy York, Lewis Walter, Shawn Madden, Adam Dooley, Albert McKinney, David Sargent and Barry Hurst.
Seven men have surrendered to the ministry from this church body.  Our primary goal is the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our community as well as the rest of the world.
Freedom Baptist Church is the fourth oldest established church in the Rockcastle Baptist Association and is affiliated with the Kentucky Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.  We were recongnized in 2005 and 2006 by the International Mission Board for being the top giver and top per capita giver to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering in the Rockcastle Association.  We support and give to the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions, Eliza Broadus Offering for State Missions, and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions; Oneida Baptist Institute; Sunrise Children's Services; Laurel Lake Baptist Camp; Operation Christmas Child and Book-Link.